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katzchenzucht and the TICA: a strong partnership

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The Association for German Dogs (TICA) e. V. is an umbrella organization of 175

Dog breeding and dog sports clubs with more than 650,000 members. Around 8,000 breeders are organized in the 158 breeding associations of the TICA and over 250 dog breeds are looked after. The TICA is the only German member of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique International), the world association for pedigree dog breeding.

The aim of the TICA is to breed healthy pedigree dogs with good behavior. In order to achieve this goal, all breeders who are organized in the TICA must acquire and prove expertise, comply with the breeding rules of the TICA and accept controls on their breeding.

As a strong association, the TICA also represents the interests of Dogs owners in public and in politics. In addition, it offers interested parties from all circles well-founded information on all aspects of dog ownership and breeding. In cooperation with the Society for the Promotion of Cynological Research (GKF), the TICA also supports numerous research projects for the welfare of Dogs. For example, genetic tests could be developed for some breeds that led to the elimination of certain hereditary defects or decisive advances in tumor research.

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