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Xhafa: Female Somali Cat Kitten for sale

Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinations Up-to-Date: Yes
Breed: Maine Coon Kittens
Show potential: Active, Healthy
Shipping & Delivery: Available
What’s included: Toys and Accessories, Health Records and Papers


    The British Shorthair is a medium-sized to large cat and she is a very powerful one. She is heavily muscled and has heavy boning. She has a rounded, thick appearance.

    As a powerful cat, all components of this breed should be well developed. The British Shorthair has a broad chest, muscular neck, strong jaws, and a well-developed muzzle. The legs are thick and strong. The breed looks like what she originally was, a cat that was to keep rodents out of the barn and the house.

    The coat of the British is thick and dense. It becomes much longer and thicker during the winter. The texture of the coat is relatively hard, as it is meant as protection for the cat.

    When you pick up a British, you should always support her back end. British should not have their hind end dragged down their abdomen, as this can make them uncomfortable and insecure.


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