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Maine Coon Kitten For sale

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Our concept and involvement with Breeders with over a decade of expertise are to ensure that all of our kittens are cherished and spoiled right from the start. It’s our belief that a family’s happiness can be enhanced by the presence of a joyful animal. As the saying goes, “A cat is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself.”, feel free to contact us for more information. Today, we welcome you to browse our Category of available kittens and Buy your kitten with us now


All of the kittens shown below are available for sale now, also they have all necessary papers and vaccinations ( rabies and parvo vaccination, deworming, and microchipping), with training to be very good house cats, All parent cats have the necessary examinations for breeding approval (such as HCM / PKD free ) also All parent animals have tested negative for all diseases (HCM, PKD, FelV, FIP, FIV),  We hope to get an adoption request from you soon. stay blessed



A sweet-tempered cat, the Maine Coon is highly adaptable to any environment and features a heavy, but silky coat.

Maine Coon At a glance

The Maine Coon Cat Breed

The Maine Coon cat is considered the only longhair breed native to the U.S.

Weight range:

Male: large: >5 kg.
Female: medium: 3-5 kg.

Eye color:

Copper, Green, Gold, Odd-eyed


Longevity Range: 9-13 yrs.
Social/Attention Needs: Moderate, High
Tendency to Shed: High


Length: Long
Characteristics: Straight
Colors: White, Black, Blue, Red, Cream, Brown, Silver, Tortoiseshell, Bluecream, Golden
Pattern: Solid Colour, Tortoiseshell, Bicolour, Tricolour/Calico, Tabby, Smoke, Shaded
Less Allergenic: No
Overall Grooming Needs: High

Club recognition:

Cat Association Recognition:
Prevalence: Common

The Maine Coon is medium to large, and males are larger than females. The body is long and rectangular and the tail is also long. For these reasons, she may look much larger than she is.

The Maine Coon is a heavily boned, muscular cat. Originally she was an outdoor cat, and later became a working breed who kept barns and homes clear of rodents. The head is large with tall ears. The profile shows a slight dip under the large eyes. The chest is broad, and the legs are thick.

The coat of the Maine Coon is heavy but silky. An interesting characteristic is that the coat is shaggy and drapes longer on the stomach and behind the legs (britches) but is shorter over the shoulders.


Customer Testimonials and reviews from people who have purchased from us. We hope we can share your testimonials as well, when you become one of our customers

I am so in love with my kitten. His personality is adorable, and very affectionate, and such a good boy. He slept the car ride when I picked him up and he even played fetch with me on his second night home. Audrey was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and available to answer questions at any time. I would encourage anyone who brings home one of Audrey's kittens to lean on her when needed. Audrey was referred to me by a friend who told me a Devon will change your life. She was right. My little Prince Charming Oliver exceeded my dreams and I couldn't be happier.


Connie Manning

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Uptown helped me meet and be with my dream Kitten and now he’s the one who makes our home happy. Easy transaction with them and they deliver you your forever happiness.


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Just wanted to let you know that Mark is a delight; we love him dearly and he has acclimated well. He’s learning all the basics and has had very few accidents in the house. He is sound asleep beneath

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George - NJ

"I want to share our really great experience. We were delighted to get all the accessories that came with our girl Lulu. While we were serious about her, every question we had was welcomed and answered


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We recently adopted a Devon Rex from Audrey and the whole process has been just wonderful. We flew from Vancouver to Toronto to pick the kitty up and the entire process (emailing back and forth, traveling, etc.) probably would have been a nightmare if it weren't for her incredible guidance and support. We ended up with the PERFECT cat after all of it and our entire family is so in love! Our kitty truly completes our family and we are over the moon with how he is with our 6-year-old son. The kitty is so cuddly, playful, socialized, and relaxed, and is the dream cat. The devon rex breed really is incredible. Worth every penny... our Turbo is priceless! Thank you, Audrey!


Dorothy Linhart

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After losing my Siamese, I found Audrey Devon Rex through a friend. I reached out in the hopes of finding a Devon Rex that would be able to fill our hearts as much as my Siamese did. Not only did I find a wonderful kitten, but he also has the most amazing personality and is one of a kind. Audrey Devon Rex disclosed everything to me from the kittens eating habits to the test results from the veterinarian. The kittens are very well-kept and they all really do have wonderful personalities. They also have the parents on site. I highly recommend getting a kitten from, especially if you want a sweet, loving companion.

Lois Failla

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