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British Longhair Kittens for sale

Thank you for visiting my blog, British Longhair Kittens for sale

Our concept and involvement with Breeders with over a decade of expertise are to ensure that all of our kittens are cherished and spoiled right from the start. It’s our belief that a family’s happiness can be enhanced by the presence of a joyful animal. As the saying goes, “A cat is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself.”, feel free to contact us for more information. Today, we welcome you to browse our Category of available kittens and Buy your kitten with us now

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All of the kittens shown below are available for sale now, also they have all necessary papers and vaccinations ( rabies and parvo vaccination, deworming, and microchipping), with training to be very good house cats, All parent cats have the necessary examinations for breeding approval (such as HCM / PKD free ) also All parent animals have tested negative for all diseases (HCM, PKD, FelV, FIP, FIV),  We hope to get an adoption request from you soon. stay blessed



The British longhair is a sweet-tempered, round-faced teddy bear of a cat. These fluffy felines originated in Britain and are a cross between the British shorthair and Persian cat breeds. The British longhair has technically been around for centuries but has only recently been recognized as its own breed.

These adorable cats are affectionate, loyal, and undemanding. If you're looking for a family cat or devoted companion to keep you company without being especially needy, the British longhair makes a great choice.


Customer Testimonials and reviews from people who have purchased from us. We hope we can share your testimonials as well, when you become one of our customers

My sweet Baby came from Breeder! I appreciate their honesty and their ability to make me at ease by buying a Kitten online and having her shipped to me. I also look forward to buying another one from them someday! They’re the best.

Williams Kays

Ratings !!! Breeder is the best! Highly recommended. My Kitten was not only beautiful but smart and a loving, sweet boy. Can’t praise them enough; true professionals who really care about their ..

Ratings !!!

George & Valentina catteries did an amazing job with the entire process of bringing Lola home to me. They were very responsive during the entire 3 weeks I worked with them and communicated with me on a daily basis. Thank you for all your help and care in bringing my precious cat home.

Ratings !!!

Estella Pippin Rowlett

Working with Cattery was a positive experience from start to finish. Their communication was proactive, and they quickly answered any questions. My little kitten arrived on time, healthy, and full of cat energy. I have subsequently been in touch with the breeder and it’s comforting to make that connection. Working with Cattery was worth the investment and I’m so excited to have my new cat at home.

Jennifer McAuley

Ratings !!!

My experience with Cattery was fantastic. They kept me up to date as promised, until it was time to go pick up my little one. They provided everything that my wife and I needed to get settled with our new addition and was open to answering questions and providing tips . I would definitely recommend Cattery as i already do to anybody that wants a good Maine coon kitten.

Thanks to Cattery.


Ratings !!!

Mante Osei

You can be sure that you are in good hands with Cattery. They made me confident about our purchase and ensured that we will get a beautiful healthy Giant Maine Coon. They were available to answer questions from day 1 and even days after our kitten was delivered. They took care of everything! The hardest part was waiting for our kitten to arrive.

Ratings !!!

Ruth Lakatis

Transportation and Delivery

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