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About Us

Who We Are

Kittens Mannore: Was Founded in 2016, First by our love for healthy cats, and also to help, cat lovers all over the world, Buy Healthy and registered cats with Pedigree from good and responsible Breeders.

Since the start of the pandemic, Many breeders are scared of having people come to the house to visit their kittens and pick up in person, so they contact us, to help them sell their kittens safely online to a good home, because they trust our services, and that we ensure that the cat is going to the best of home, where the cat will be loved and taken care of, as they are not willing to meet you in person, Due to their fear for this virus.

What We do!

here at Kittens Mannorewe advertise cats from real catteries and private owners in South africa Africa, and make sales for them, Which we are paid for, Kittens Mannore Earns a commission whenever a cat is sold on our website, and in return, we donate 80% of this commission to charity, and since the outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic, We now send our donations to some of the poor countries badly hit by the pandemic by offering them Support ( distributing free face mask, hand sanitizer and aiding in the distribution of the vaccine in over 10 African countries. We all stand as one in the Fight Against Covid-19.  

HEALTH INSPECTIONS: Before we show ads for any cattery or private cat breeder, Our team of Vet and animal welfare investigators, pay an investigative visit to the home and catteries of all the breeders that advertise on our platform to check the following:

  1. that the kitten lives in an animal-friendly environment.
  2. That the cats are healthy and vet checked, 
  3. that the cats are registered (Tica, VDH, etc) and microchipped
  4. That the cat is trained.
  5. All parent animals have tested negative for all diseases (HCM, PKD, FelV, FIP, FIV)

and that the parents of the cat are have a pedigree.

All the kittens listed for sale on our website are Vet checked ( Dewormed, microchipped, have all sets have vaccinations) They are well socialized, Tica Registered, Have their Eu passport, Domesticated, and comes to you with all papers, and Pedigree with rights to breed them, All parent animals have tested negative for all diseases (HCM, PKD, FelV, FIP, FIV).  To Make sure that the kitten is happy when you buy from us, we give the kitten to you with its favorite, toys, scratch path, bed, and 1-week free food samples, all as gifts from us.


Secure purchase from us..


Buy your cat from with guarantee and peace of mind


Be Rest and assured As: Online purchase is guaranteed with a legally binding sales contract and application. All payments are made only after signing the papers for a 100% guarantee for a safe transaction and healthy life of the kitten. The kitten will come with a 1 year genetic health guarantee against any illness/disease and a health certificate of travel that is required for a kitten to be able to fly

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